The Power Behind the ASHA Certification

The Certificate of Clinical Competence of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is a nationally recognized credential for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists. Backed by 65 years of accumulated knowledge and clinical expertise, those who earn this credential meet the highest standards of excellence in their professions.

Speech-Language Pathologist • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools • Charlotte, NC • Practicing Over 25 Years
“Helping a student with a stutter who is also learning English as a second language is no small feat. By building the skills and confidence he needed, I helped to bridge social and cultural barriers.”

Alexis Alston, CCC-SLP, Schools

Advocate Advocate
Speech-Language Pathologist • Woodbridge Middle School • Washington, DC • Practicing Over Four Years
“Working with very young kids means connecting with them on their level. There's a piece of myself in every game, picture, word and gesture I use to help them communicate.”

Jaclyn Woodyatt, CCC-SLP, Schools

Trailblazer Producer
Optimist Optimist
Audiologist• Center for Healthy Hearing, White Plains, NY • Practicing Over Five Years
“Technology plays a vital role in my field. By treating patients with the latest innovations, I restore more than hearing; I restore hope. “

Ikechi Iheagwara, CCC-A, Private Practice


Speech-Language Pathologist • MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC • Practicing Over 11 Years
“Whenever I see a mother’s relieved face after I help her preterm infant feed safely, I realize I protect more than babies—I protect families.”

Melissa Bloomer, CCC-SLP, Hospitals

Speech-Language Pathologist • University of Maryland, College Park, MD • Practicing Over 30 Years
“The most satisfying part of my job is working on fluency disorder cases that have stumped others. I delve into the unknown and chart new treatments, leaving paths others can follow.”

Vivian Sisskin, CCC-SLP, University


Speech-Language Pathologist • Healthcare • Practicing Over Eight Years
"Aphasia due to a stroke was particularly devastating for a radio host I treated. Helping him speak again returned more than his career--it gave him new life."

Meera Rathinasamy, CCC-SLP, Hospitals

Audiologist • TLC Family Hearing Center, Rockville, MD • Practicing Over 35 Years
“After encouraging one woman to get a cochlear implant, she was inspired to help thousands of people with hearing impairment. It’s incredible, how one person can affect so many.”

Susan Yaffe-Oziel, CCC-A, Private Practice


Speech-Language Pathologist • Fairwood Elementary School, Hamilton, OH • Practicing Over 16 Years
“Children with autism can struggle forming social connections. I help by creating dialogue and teaching them skills for developing friendships.”

Desiree Winterbottom, CCC-SLP, Schools